Creating Space for Wellness

Wellness is defined as the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. Wellness isn’t a destination, but a continuous journey that we must choose each day. It’s important to understand that your level of wellness isn’t fixed and can vary due to a number of circumstances, some you can control and some you cannot. We’ve all been there. Maybe your job that you’ve outgrown is weighing heavy, maybe it’s a relationship that you cherish but is becoming difficult, or maybe it’s you self-sabotaging and forgetting that you are the gift. Whatever the trauma, there’s always opportunities to practice wellness and build yourself back up, but first you have to accept that you deserve to be well.

“Wellness is my birthright and my responsibility. I choose to commit to it.”

Say this out loud to yourself each day until it becomes your reality.

Wellness is your birthright and your responsibility. It’s solely up to you to choose to commit. When you invest in your wellness, you will realize that you can manifest your wildest dreams into reality. Did you know that everything you seek is inside of you? It can take time to heal traumas and unblock the flow of manifesting but the more you work at it, the more you can be a master of self. Be gentle with yourself along your wellness journey and don’t force anything. If there is one thing I have learned is that time is yours and you choose what you wish to do with it. The world will have you thinking that time is scarce but in reality, time is yours. You can choose when, where, what, and how you use time. Obligations are obligations because you have manifested them to in life. You can’t escape the results of what you have conjured up, but you can take knowledge from experience to become your higher self.

Begin your days with intention setting. When you wake up and stretch, take time to get connected with your inner-g. Giving thanks for the abundance creates space for more manifestations. The Universe reciprocates the energy you put out (because you are the Universe). Writing for reflection and meditating to receive guidance are also important tools for intention setting. Meditation is a personal favorite. Aside from scientific studies showing  positive benefits of meditation, I feel so relaxed and aware of my energy after meditating. When you recognize energy, you can actively hold onto that which serves your higher self or release that which doesn’t. There is always a choice. These tools allow those choices to be more prevalent to you. Even the most spiritual beings receive negative energy, but the difference is they release what doesn’t serve them instead of holding onto it. When you feel negative energies coming to you, be conscious and make the decision to let them go.

The beauty about energy is that is can be a guide to healing your trauma. Energy is deep and  can uncover trauma and where it all began. Have you ever been triggered by something and the next thing you know you’re mad as hell for the rest of the day? The situation is dead and gone, yet you’re still holding onto negative energy AKA “Triggered AF”. Sometimes triggers are traumas from our past times that we haven’t healed reappearing again to remind us we haven’t fully healed and there is still work to do. I think triggers are great for that reason. Your body speaks but will you  take time to listen? The first step is acknowledge the energy and receive it. Then by using those tools mentioned above, you can begin to uncoverand begin your wellness journey. It takes time to heal trauma so be gentle with yourself because it will take more than a few sessions of meditation or writing. But, using these tools often will guide you to release negative energy and become your higher self.

Remember that wellness is a journey that you can actively choose to embark on. Be gentle with yourself and do the work. You are deserving of the abundance that your higher self possesses. You deserve all the love, good communication, wealth, and happiness. Let’s continue this journey together. Be sure to follow us on socials for more tips for wellness. This month we are also highlighting women who embrace their style of fashion. We are sharing space throughout the month and allowing these queens to share their wellness stories. Every week we’ll be posting in  our IG stories allowing other queens to share their stories as well. I hope that you will join in and take up space with us by typing what wellness means to you in the question box in our story each week. It brings me so much joy knowing that you’re taking this journey with us to invest in your wellness. You are so worth it!

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New Month, New Intentions

2021 is the year of transformation. This Black History month, I wanted to do something fun with my brand and allow you all to be a part of a sustainable initiative that I’ve been working on within my business. But first, here are some cool ways you can put efforts into Black History month. Support black owned businesses by purchasing products if you can, reposting content on social media, and if you have made a purchase, share your review with others! Sharing is a vital part of helping businesses get visibility. Black History Month is also a great way to encourage Non-BIPOC to be proactive and research to learn more about Black history. There is no excuse for lack of information and knowledge about Black history as it is rich and runs deep. We can all benefit from learning more about Black History.

A new way I am pouring into myself this month is practicing meditation. I’ve only been practicing for about one week now and I’m starting out with mostly guided meditations. I feel so much more lighter and calmer in my spirit after practicing meditation. I continue to aim for working out five days a week either in the morning or before I go to bed at night. I also enjoy watching TD Jakes preach on YouTube to uplift my spirit. Finding new ways to love yourself makes your wellness journey exciting because you challenge yourself to learn new things about yourself. Here is a guided meditation that I enjoy.

Practicing long and slow breaths while meditating in a comfortable position is super healthful when meditating. Usually the music playing on the guided meditation videos are slow which helps me to match my breathing with the rhythm and become more relaxed. I usually meditate for about 10 minutes out of my day and sometimes longer. Meditating with affirmations is a really powerful way to raise your vibrations and change your frequency. Some people say “When we pray, we are talking to God. When we meditate, we hear God speaking to us.”

Sharing with others is a great way to manifest abundance. During the month of February, I am opening up the C$BNYC pre-owned shop for you to consign your items in my shop. If you have fashion pieces you would like to sell over the course of February, shoot me an email @ and let’s connect. When you sell with us, you will receive payout on half of the items’ final sold price. Consignment is a great way to be sustainable and contribute to a circular fashion economy. A circular fashion economy is one that supports and makes sure a product is best used over a period of time. Things like getting fashion pieces tailored, making sure the supply chain is transparent, and abiding by the care label are all ways you can sustain fashion. Do you practice sustainable fashion? If so, what are some ways you contribute to the sustainability of fashion?

Are you celebrating Valentines day this year? I stumbled upon Akoma day which is similar to Valentines day. Akoma day is a cultural holiday which celebrates values that are important to the progression of the Black community. This holiday, founded by Montsho and Nwasha Edu, is celebrated from February 14th until February 20th. The Akoma is an Ancient Ghanaian symbol which represents patience and it is often said “someone who is patient has another heart which is located in their stomach.” Celebrants are encouraged to practice for seven days self love and love for others through patience, endurance, and understanding. I am here for Akoma Day in comparison to Valentines Day. It is also encouraged to shop black owned businesses when buying gifts for your loved one to celebrate.

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Nature Heals

Ever notice people in nature give reasons for being there like how they needed a break or wanted to get away and clear their mind. I thought this must be a common coping mechanism for many people including myself when I’m feeling triggered or overwhelmed, but apparently we are few. The average American spends 24 hours a year outside! If you don’t do anything else today, get outside. Enjoy nature. Nature is amazing and I believe that nature is God’s gift to us all. Nature brings peace. I recently loss a loved one. I have really been trying to take it easy but also keep busy so that I don’t fall into an episode of depression. Balance is always something to strive for in life. Going on walks and spending time doing little things outside with my loved ones bring me a lot of peace.

Remember I told you guys about healthy ways I cope with my anxiety and one of them is practicing mindfulness. Mindfulness is disconnecting from technology and really getting in tuned with your surroundings. What do you see? What colors are around you? What is that bird doing on that rooftop? Take time to really observe and take it all in. You’d be amazed at how at ease you feel and grounded after doing little mindful exercises like that. Every day is different, but to take time and really indulge in your surroundings for at least 30 minutes a day is very powerful. I think a lot of us have traded mindfulness for scrolling mindlessly on social media and utilizing the digital world as an escape. This is unhealthy and doesn’t contribute at all to your higher self.

Being in nature actually has been proven to have health benefits. Having trees and greenery in you neighborhood or even bringing some plants into your home can make a world of difference for your health. Neighborhoods with more greenery and trees have lower crime rates and the locals are less likely to be stressed. Did you know plants lower anxiety and stress by reducing your blood pressure, heart rate, muscle tension, and the production of stress hormones? It’s amazing all that God has given to us and yet we take it very much for granted. Promise me you’ll go outside for at least 30 minutes today or go for a walk in your neighborhood. Put your phone in your purse and really embrace all that nature has to offer you.

Nature heals and if we really think about it we are a part of nature as well. Our genetic makeup wasn’t exposed to all this technology and advancements today. We are made up of 70% percent of water so that should already tell you a lot about who we are as human beings and what we need to survive. I feel for people who don’t like water, those who won’t even sit with with feet half way in. Nature can heal us, if we embrace it and allow it. I love nature because it doesn’t ask for permission to be is just does. It’s beautiful on its own and doesn’t mind going unnoticed, it will still go through it’s life cycle. There’s something to be said about nature in all its beauty. So much abundance and I know that if God created it, it was surely for a reason. While I’m here on Earth I will always find solace and peace in nature. If you haven’t tried practicing mindfulness yet, make it a thing to do this weekend. Then let me know how you felt about it.

Stay well. Stay blessed loves.

Xoxoxoxo, Chanel$Bunny

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Let Go of Labels Free Yourself

Have you ever thought what are labels? And what purpose do they really serve? Are they really transparent and honest when they’re labeling our goods in a retail store or is it just there to appease our minds? Do you even know who you’re buying from when you’re mindlessly shopping? I know I didn’t before, but now I am more aware of situations where I can be a mindful consumer. After all, I am working for hard earned money. Relying solely on labels can be dangerous and unhealthy. Get out there, do your research. Find out the facts and what will help you consume more mindfully. This is also how finding yourself in life goes and not allowing labels to hinder you.

When you start labeling, you create an environment for unhealthy thoughts. It creates the idea in your mind that isn’t realistic. You notice you start to train your mind to think that if something doesn’t fit within the description of what has been labeled then there’s an issue. I agree to some extent with foods and goods we buy, but I think labeling people can be toxic and hindering for self and others. For example, we label doctors as health experts and think they know everything, but we truly know our own body better than anyone else. It’s great to have a doctor to go to for procedures and prescriptions, but for the most part the foods you eat and the things you consume correlate directly to your health. We can’t label people and put unrealistic expectations on them especially if we aren’t proactive in doing the work for ourself.

Labels can keep you stuck to one place and way of living meanwhile the world is changing every day. You know the saying move with me or get left behind. It’s true. I’m not saying to abandon your morals and character, but explore life and what makes you happen and what doesn’t. Be open to new opportunities and remember as long as you’re alive you have a choice to grow and be better. Your higher self deserves every bit of the efforts you put into being better each day you rise.

Check out a few examples of labels below and discuss amongst family and friends the potential harms and real life affects of these labels. Have they helped you to grow as a person? Have these labels caused you to have a one track mind? Really make an assessment of the labels below but also think about some labels that relate to you personally. Assess them and make the proper adjustments in your life to free yourself.

Creative vs Non Creative, Smart vs Dumb, Black vs White, Beautiful vs Ugly , Happy vs Sad, Pretty vs Ugly, the list goes on

It takes time to undo the labels that society has placed on you and boxed you in to be. As a very spiritual being, I know that I can be anything because I am a part of something so much bigger than I could even imagine. Labels are often used to put fear in someone, create a narrative, and control people. I am sending light and love to all those on their journey to be free. ❤️

Love, Chanel$Bunny