Creating Space for Wellness

Wellness is defined as the state of being in good health, especially as an actively pursued goal. Wellness isn’t a destination, but a continuous journey that we must choose each day. It’s important to understand that your level of wellness isn’t fixed and can vary due to a number of circumstances, some you can control and some you cannot. We’ve all been there. Maybe your job that you’ve outgrown is weighing heavy, maybe it’s a relationship that you cherish but is becoming difficult, or maybe it’s you self-sabotaging and forgetting that you are the gift. Whatever the trauma, there’s always opportunities to practice wellness and build yourself back up, but first you have to accept that you deserve to be well.

“Wellness is my birthright and my responsibility. I choose to commit to it.”

Say this out loud to yourself each day until it becomes your reality.

Wellness is your birthright and your responsibility. It’s solely up to you to choose to commit. When you invest in your wellness, you will realize that you can manifest your wildest dreams into reality. Did you know that everything you seek is inside of you? It can take time to heal traumas and unblock the flow of manifesting but the more you work at it, the more you can be a master of self. Be gentle with yourself along your wellness journey and don’t force anything. If there is one thing I have learned is that time is yours and you choose what you wish to do with it. The world will have you thinking that time is scarce but in reality, time is yours. You can choose when, where, what, and how you use time. Obligations are obligations because you have manifested them to in life. You can’t escape the results of what you have conjured up, but you can take knowledge from experience to become your higher self.

Begin your days with intention setting. When you wake up and stretch, take time to get connected with your inner-g. Giving thanks for the abundance creates space for more manifestations. The Universe reciprocates the energy you put out (because you are the Universe). Writing for reflection and meditating to receive guidance are also important tools for intention setting. Meditation is a personal favorite. Aside from scientific studies showing  positive benefits of meditation, I feel so relaxed and aware of my energy after meditating. When you recognize energy, you can actively hold onto that which serves your higher self or release that which doesn’t. There is always a choice. These tools allow those choices to be more prevalent to you. Even the most spiritual beings receive negative energy, but the difference is they release what doesn’t serve them instead of holding onto it. When you feel negative energies coming to you, be conscious and make the decision to let them go.

The beauty about energy is that is can be a guide to healing your trauma. Energy is deep and  can uncover trauma and where it all began. Have you ever been triggered by something and the next thing you know you’re mad as hell for the rest of the day? The situation is dead and gone, yet you’re still holding onto negative energy AKA “Triggered AF”. Sometimes triggers are traumas from our past times that we haven’t healed reappearing again to remind us we haven’t fully healed and there is still work to do. I think triggers are great for that reason. Your body speaks but will you  take time to listen? The first step is acknowledge the energy and receive it. Then by using those tools mentioned above, you can begin to uncoverand begin your wellness journey. It takes time to heal trauma so be gentle with yourself because it will take more than a few sessions of meditation or writing. But, using these tools often will guide you to release negative energy and become your higher self.

Remember that wellness is a journey that you can actively choose to embark on. Be gentle with yourself and do the work. You are deserving of the abundance that your higher self possesses. You deserve all the love, good communication, wealth, and happiness. Let’s continue this journey together. Be sure to follow us on socials for more tips for wellness. This month we are also highlighting women who embrace their style of fashion. We are sharing space throughout the month and allowing these queens to share their wellness stories. Every week we’ll be posting in  our IG stories allowing other queens to share their stories as well. I hope that you will join in and take up space with us by typing what wellness means to you in the question box in our story each week. It brings me so much joy knowing that you’re taking this journey with us to invest in your wellness. You are so worth it!

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